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about Crispin

I love being creative. I love the feeling of ideas buzzing around my head and then making them a reality.  Sometimes this means painting, sometimes gardening, cooking, or deciding to rearranging a room. Sometimes its getting obsessed about a topic and immersing myself in a new world. To me every part of my life is creative. I'm intrigued with people almost as much as I am creative. I love to see how they tick, how they interact, how they see the world. Observing people is one of my secret pleasures.

These two parts of me sum up I think the motivating force behind my work. A need to create fuelled by a fascination of how we all work.

I paint full time and turn my paintings into a load of goodies for my design company barkingmad. I'm from Wellington in New Zealand which is a rather gorgeous little city that keeps it’s back to the howling southerlies blowing in every now and then from the Antarctic.

I love to be able to share my images and the sentiments that they express. I love the idea of people passing on those sentiments one to another. If I can amuse or help someone to express their emotions through one of my images then I am happy. I do appreciate the support all my lovely customers give me as an artist with your purchases and encouraging words you send me and I  hope you find shopping on my website a fabulous experience.

Below is an interview I did at Flagstaff gallery about my creative process and work if you'd like to have a watch.

thank you Crispin x









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