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about us

why are we barking mad ?

At barkingmad we create greeting cards and art prints and we hope some laughter in your day. 

We think life is funny and poignant and we like to celebrate all its ups and downs with open arms and quite a lot of hot sweet cups of tea. Our aim is to make you laugh, to make you sigh and to help you spread the love around.

Everything that goes into making our barkingmad products is sourced locally.....it makes life easier for us and we like to support our local community.....and of course what goes around comes around ....they support us.

All our designs originate  from  the slightly absurd head of our creative force, painter Crispin Korschen.

Barkingmad began when Crispin as a full - time painter with exhibitions throughout New Zealand, felt she wanted to share her unique images with a broader audience ...........hence the birth of Barkingmad in 2007. 

You'll also find us in shops throughout New Zealand and Australia.




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