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How should I look after my barkingmad prints ? 

All our prints will fade if you have them in the sun - really anything will - so try to keep them out of direct sunlight.

Can I use a barkingmad image for my wedding invite or some other purpose ? 

If you'd like to use a barkingmad image for some other purpose just send us an email at barkingandmad@gmail.com. We don't generally mind letting them be used for a good cause.

Can I have an image that's not available in the type of print I want or in a different size? 

Unfortunately we can't make our prints to different sizes or different types than what is available on the website now.

How much will the shipping cost me ? 

Within New Zealand we have a flat rate of $6.50 no matter how much you buy. Outside of New Zealand the cost depends on how much you buy (it depends on the weight). There is a shipping calculator just before you pay at the checkout so you can see before you go ahead with your payment.

How eco friendly are barkingmad's products ? 

Where possible we try to find the most eco friendly materials for our products. Our cards are printed with vegetable inks and we make sure there is no wastage of paper when printing. 

Are barkingmad products made in New Zealand ? 

Barkingmad products are completely made in New Zealand in Christchurch.

Can I buy an original Crispin Korschen painting ? 

Yes have a look at Crispin's painting website www.crispinkorschen.co.nz

Does Crispin do commissions of original paintings ?

Yes she does.

Where can I find barkingmad products in the shops ? 

Have a look at our stockist page to find a shop near you.

Do you ship worldwide ?

Yes we do.

Can I return my barkingmad product if it has been damaged in transit ?

Yes if you let us know within seven days.

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